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Pineapple Greens Bliss

Tulip here with some more ‘dirt’. Looking for a tropical escape from your day? Fueled with many vitamins and goodness, I have just the treat for you! Introducing my Pineapple Greens Bliss, courtesy of my Vitamix and know the drill by now! Pineapple Greens Bliss One banana 1 cup of frozen pineapple One orange [...]

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Berry Good For You

Tulip here with some more ‘dirt’. It's a sunny, beautiful day here in San Diego. I've been on the go all day and really needed something to make me feel as good inside as it feels outside! So, once again my Vitamix and Eco-Straw to the rescue! The dynamic duo! Berry Good For You One [...]

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Tulip’s Monkey Smoothie

Tulip here and this is my 'dirt'. I will be posting to the Eco-Straw blog, sharing my insights into the world of Vitamix blending with my Eco-Straw front and center. My Vitamix blender and Eco-Straw go together like peas and carrots. Today's deliciousness satisfies my sweet tooth and gives me the energy of a monkey [...]

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What is Pyrex?

What is Pyrex? Pyrex is simply a name brand of a particular glass formula properly known as Borosilicate Glass.  Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with the main glass-forming constituents being silica and boron oxide.  Boro(for short) has a very low COE (Coefficient of thermal Expansion)  which makes this glass formula unusually resistant to Thermal Shock.  Here at we [...]

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Got a Glass Straw Idea?

If your the type of person to search the world wide web for a glass straw, you may also be the type of person with a specific idea and/or dimensions in mind for your glass straw.  We can add color decoration, do team colors, wedding themes, spoon-straws, etc.  So feel free to post a reply [...]

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Green = Elegance

Its not just Green, its a nice touch.  Makes a cocktail party that much more entertaining.  

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Welcome to Eco-Straw

Glass Straws... Whats the point? Here at Eco-Straw we believe that you can have a positive influence on the environment and your general health by utilizing Glass Drinking straws.  This benefits the environment because the making of plastic straws in factories releases greenhouse gases, and plastic straws contain petrochemicals and toxins like BPA.  Also, they [...]

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